Allergic Granulomatosis

The disorder of Allergic granulomatosis and angiitis is a known type of vasculitis disorders. This disorder takes place as result of inflammation caused in the blood vessels. People who are suffering from specific ailment or disorders such as asthma or suffering from allergies, they are prone to such vasculitis disorder. The inflammation of blood vessels takes place in various body parts such as lungs, nerves, abdomen and the skin. Blood vessels such as arteries and veins form the part of such syndrome.

There are three stages in which this disorder grows and develops. It is stated that as per research, this kind of disorder cannot be inherited or transmitted to other people by way of hereditary.


The disease of Allergic granulomatosis and angiitis is said to be a rare disorder. After research and study it has been inferred that no prime cause is known for the occurrence of this disorder. However, as per research it is stated that amongst people who are suffering from lung disorders such as asthma undergo an abnormal hyper activation of immunity system. The occurrence of such a disorder is said to be linked to specific medication prescribed for asthma. They are known as leukotriene modifiers. However there is no confirmation whether it is this medication which triggers the occurrence of the disorder or is it the severity of the asthma prevailing within the patient.

Signs and Symptoms

For all those who are said to suffer from Allergic granulomatosis and angiitis, there are several signs and symptoms which denote the occurrence and presence of this disorder. They are:

People are observed suffering from severe fever under the influence of this disorder. Loss of weight is also common amongst people suspected to be under the influence of this disease.

Severe inflammation in the nasal or sinus passage.

Fatigue is said to be a common symptom observed. Since vasculitis affects the lungs, patients are bound to suffer from shortness in breath, pain in the chest and regular coughing. For people who reach at an extreme level under the influence of this disorder are observed to develop small lumps on the skin known as nodules. As the blood vessels in the abdomen region undergo inflammation, a lot of pain is caused in the belly along with diarrhea. The prostate gland and bladder can appear to be inflamed.

The vasculitis causes damage to the nerve thus resulting into weakness or numbness. Frequent seizures can take place if the brain get impacted.


The doctor begins with examining the symptoms and signs which have been mentioned above. All the signs and symptoms are carefully scanned for in patients with a history of asthma. For people under the influence of Allergic granulomatosis and angiitis, their skin, nerves and lungs are examined thoroughly.

Chest x-ray or CT scan helps the doctor to analyze the situation at the lungs and thus check out for inflammation in the region. Blood examination is also conducted as a part of the diagnosis.


The first and the most important ways of treating Allergic granulomatosis and angiitis is by relaxing the immunity system of the body and diminishing the inflammation of the blood vessels. High dosage of medication related to cortisone is provided for a span of six months to one year. With the help of this treatment, most patients are able to recover completely.


There is no suggested method of preventing this disorder.