Alopecia And Its Treatment

The disease of Alopecia is associated with a specific type of hair loss deformity. This kind of deformity is observed when the immunity system of a body impacts on the hair follicles by mistake. Hair follicle is the place from where hair begins to grow. Although the effect of the damage caused to the hair follicles does not prevail for longer duration, there is no thorough explanation to the occurrence of this deformity. This disease is mostly seen to occur among people aged 20 years or below, however there is no such restriction on its occurrence to anyone. Both men as well as women are prone to be diagnosed with this ailment.


One of the major causes of Alopecia to occur is the imbalance of the immunity system. Normally, the immune system is known to the defence force inside our body. It protects our body from any kind of infection mostly caused by bacterial attack or viral attack. However, under the influence of Alopecia, the immune system damages the hair follicles. There is no proven theory to explain this phenomenon. The good part about this deformity is that the follicles do not remain damaged permanently. The hair growth begins after a given time span.

It is inferred that this deformity is found commonly among people suffering from diseases like diabetes, thyroid condition, etc. It is also commonly found to occur among people who are physically challenged such as Down syndrome. Genetic disorder can also be a root cause for this disease to occur. It is inferred that one out of five people in the family experiencing such medical condition can be inherited from any of the previous diagnosed family members with the same medical condition. For some people in few of the cases, severe hair loss is suffered as they advance to the next stage of this disease. Yet this is a very uncommon trait and does not occur normally.

Signs & Symptoms

There are several symptoms which can be observed when a person is prone to Alopecia. They are:

Firstly, patches of baldness can be observed which appear to be of a size of a coin. They can mostly be spotted on the scalp; however it can also appear on other parts of the body. Some people are also spotted with symptoms being observed on their fingernails. This sign is very uncommon. The nails seem to be pitted.


One of the most common ways of diagnosing Alopecia is by observing the hair loss of the person suffering from it. Most dermatologists observe the hair fall pattern and confirm that the person is suffering from this ailment. A particular patch of hair loss when observed to be expanding, the dermatologist pulls out few strands and observes them under the microscope to study and analyze the case. Conducting skin biopsy is yet another method of diagnosing this problem.


There is no specific treatment for Alopecia. The hair tends to grow back on its own after a given time span. However there are certain medical procedures through which the hair growth process can be accelerated.


Taking proper care and maintaining a good health regime are the best possible ways to avoid its occurrence. Especially avoiding stress can be the best way to avoid such diseases.