Politicians, major pHarma and big food: Kissing Cousins

What would you do if there had been occasions
that, bit by bit, take spot that could adversely influence your well being and set
your perfectly staying at threat? Consider coming to a organic meals keep and finding the
nutritional supplement segment shut, at most effective, or the store boarded up and out of business,
at worst.

So, you go to Walgreen’s to pick up
some vitamin C, but the only dosage you can get is 60 mg with no a
prescription. You have been taking a mega dose to help fight a chilly and build
up your immune technique and now you have to come across a medical doctor keen to prescribe
the higher dosage that you are accustomed to. No lengthier are you cost-free to come to a decision,
on your personal, how substantially to choose. Terrible? It receives even worse.

Think about that all of this is the final result
of new laws imposed by lawmakers with immediate ties to pharmaceutical
firms &#8211 impressive organizations that will use the legislation to make an monumental new
resource of profits.  Talk about a
nightmare! But what tends to make this really nightmarish is that, amazingly, this
state of affairs is a actuality in the United Kingdom and most of Europe.

On March 13, 2002, the European
Parliament &#8211 a 626 member legislative human body symbolizing the 15 European union
nations – passed the “EU Directive on Nutritional Supplements”, which classifies
natural vitamins as professional medical prescription drugs instead than meals supplements. The Directive grants a
transition period of time of 3 decades for vitamin nutritional supplements already on the market place.
Considering that 2005 while, every EU state is expected to carry out the Directive.

Considering the fact that then, a extensive array of purely natural
cures have been banned across most of Europe, earning as lots of as 300
ingredients – such as chromium picolinate, selenium, lysine and yeast –
illegal for about-the-counter sale. The supplements that continue to be in shops will
comprise really low dosage quantities – not to supply any real therapeutic value. It’s
practically as if they are passing a law in opposition to prevention.

So, not only are the pharmaceutical
providers eliminating competition from purely natural products for treating sicknesses,
they are in essence forcing better have to have for prescription products for the
citizens of the EU. Following all, without the need of prevention, the place will folks be pressured
to change when they get even the slightest bit sick?

To medical professionals who will prescribe
mainstream prescribed drugs or tremendous-energy, prescription-only nutritional vitamins
equipped by – guess who- the Pfizers, Mercks and Bayers of the globe.

To make issues even worse, a amount of EU
Commissioners have immediate links to intercontinental pharmaceutical companies
generating this exercise something other than aim.

The blatant pharmaceutical sector
affect on this directive would be laughable if the repercussions weren’t so

Let us get into the implications of the European Union&#8217s curtailing the
sale of nutritional supplements other than by the pharmaceutical/healthcare
alliance and seriously putting persons&#8217s wellbeing at threat.

In a clean double-speak that is virtually scary, the EU Directive
states: “In order to guarantee a significant amount
of defense for buyers and facilitate their choice, the solutions that will
be put on the market will have to be harmless and bear suitable and ideal labeling”.
To “facilitate their choice”? What a load of BS.

When the persons in the Uk realized that the healthcare/pharmaceutical alliance
in Europe built vitamin dietary supplements available only by prescription from a
medical professional, 600 million persons browse about that and shouted back with a
resounding, “NO”!

In what is believed to be the major international on the net petition ever, a
staggering 604 million people have added their names, demanding ongoing absolutely free
obtain to purely natural solutions. All to no avail!

For people of you who would imagine that this is a European difficulty and that
it couldn’t take place below, take into account this: the United States and the European
Union are each individual other’s premier trade and investment decision partners.

 In 2000, two-way trade in items and
providers between the EU and the US totaled more than $557 billion. With
financial ties this deep, any European law that presents the world-wide pharmaceutical
marketplace these kinds of sweeping ability over the wellness alternatives of millions, will have
worldwide effects. Now that Europe has been “conquered”, how extended do you believe it
will be right before they set their sights on the US marketplace?

The bad news is that Bayer/Monsanto and the relaxation of the biotech business
conquer them to it. Practically nothing like consuming pure poison is there?

The base line is this: if you go on to try to eat a food plan centered all around
flesh meals, dairy merchandise, trans fats, GMOs, processed foodstuff and refined
carbs, as a substitute of a vegetarian eating plan of no flesh meals, minimum or no
dairy merchandise, complete grains and unrefined items, you are destined to a everyday living
of ties with the pharmaceutical/professional medical alliance and degenerative condition.

If you do away with saturated extra fat from your food plan, which comes from something
that walks, operates, crawls, flies or swims, you will have an superb likelihood of
in no way dealing with heart disorder, most cancers, diabetes, constipation, arthritis,
large blood pressure or weight problems, to identify a few, in your lifetime. Your good quality
of lifetime, your electrical power amount, your in general nicely- currently being, and your libido will
immensely boost.

If you add natural and organic sulfur crystals which oxygenates the cells of the human body
producing you resistant to the flu, improves blood circulation, minimizes muscle
swelling, eliminates “free radicals”, deters cancer, reverses joint suffering,
lessens “wrinkles”, alleviates serious headaches, decreases hypoglycemia, allows
ease PMS, encourages superior kidney functionality, and can make your pores and skin glow, your
health and fitness will increase in leaps and bounds (go to www.healthtalkhawaii.com for
a lot more details).

The choice is a daily life total of prescription prescription drugs, infinite visits to
the medical professional and over all, the reduction of your proper of decision. This is now
occurring with drinking water fluoridation.

Fortunately, there are quite a few people, with intelligence and willpower,
that struggle versus this and other tried overthrows of our “freedoms”.

You will have to just take management of your future or all your food items will be genetically
modified, your drinking water will be mandatorily fluoridated, your generate and grains
will be genetically modified to resist pests, and your life will be
dramatically shortened.

Complacency will be your downfall.

Vote for modify. Re-elect none of them!





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